Top 10 Reason your baby needs a car seat cover.

You see them all of the time now in different colors and styles. If you don’t know what I’m talking about one of these covers..


I got thinking of these because my very creative sister-in-law Jenny Pierce makes these and has done quite well at selling them. I’m a little biased with her Carseat Canopies, but this list can be applied to any of the baby carseat out there. This list is not why you need a carseat cover but why baby needs a car seat cover.



“Guano” is usually used as a term for bird and bat droppings. Some limit it to bats or to sea-birds, but you’re probably safe using it to describe all bird droppings. If you prefer, you can just call them “droppings. “Since birds have a single opening for all their wastes, a dropping consists of urine, feces, and some other excretory gunk, so the resulting aggregate goes by the collective descriptor “guano” or “dropping.” Bird Droppings generally do not pose a serious health hazard, however “Bird poop” can contain serious agents such as cryptococcus fungus, E. coli, Chlamydia psittacosis, and Salmonella.




Young skin heals faster than older skin, but it is also less able to protect itself from injury, including injury from the sun. Your baby can get sunburn from spending just 15 minutes in the sun. He may not show signs of sunburn until 6 to 12 hours later. A car seat cover is a first defense against harmful rays of the sun.

According to American Academy of Pediatrics you should also use a sunscreen made for children of at least SPF 15.

Dress your baby in lightweight cotton long-sleeve clothing.

Have baby wear a wide brimmed hat.


Keeping your child out of direct sunlight when the peak ultraviolet rays occur (between 10 A.M. and 4 P.M.) is key to preventing baby from sunburn.



Ok, maybe it’s fun to let baby out in the rain and play, but for the times when you are running in from the car with baby in tow, she doesn’t have the advantage of protecting her little head with an umbrella, a newspaper or even one of those nifty “Nubrella Hands Free Umbrella “ snumbrella

This is definitely a reason to get (or make) a baby car seat cover.noa-canopy-med



Hail is basically frozen water droplets, forms in thunderclouds and often wreaks havoc on the civilization below. Ranging from 0.2 to 6 inches in diameter, hail can have a minor pelting or a major destructive effect. It can hail at any time during the year. Although most of us in-the-know people will find shelter or stay sheltered during a hail storm. It is more likely that a person dies from being killed by lightning strike then by getting hit by a hail stone.


A little half-dime-sized-hailstone is just a pesky reminder to us adults that Mother Nature still rules. That same hailstone To a 2 month old it’s more like a small roll of half-dimes to the face.

Reason baby needs a Baby car seat cover.




Nothing is cuter than a baby all dressed up for the snow. But I recently learned of a sobering fact. Harness systems in a car seat are not designed for babies wearing snow suits, thick coats, parkas and bunting bags. There should be nothing between the child and the front harness assembly. In an accident a child could simply slip out of the snow gear leaving the protection of the car seat completely. Although a car seat cover can be a little draftier than his Eskimo Parka.


Adding a few blankets over the child’s harness systems will keep your baby warm and safe.



Babies have always hated dust

as in the above famous photograph by Arthur Rothstein in 1936. If you look closely Dad and the older Son are happily skipping in sync.


It is said this photograph inspired a scene in Wizard of Oz just three years later.wizard

But the baby in the photograph lagging behind is definitely not happy.


Exhaust fumes


Louis C.K. (nsfw comedian.) made a joke of the moment when you are juggling baby and groceries and trying to get things all together as a new Dad. He describes locking the brakes on the stroller next to the car, opening the car, starting the motor to give the air-conditioning a head-start, loading the groceries and the oldest children into the car. ..Whew…Then realizing that he has parked his baby directly in front of the car exhaust the whole time. …he then submits that he could never tell his wife what happened. He would rather not ever be seen again before admitting that he could have hurt his baby in “the stupidest way possible.”

But we all sometimes forget that our babies’ cute little faces are only a foot above the ground when strapped in a car seat. Best have something there to protect against the elements.


The Human Sneeze


Interesting facts about sneezing

  • Sneezes travel at about 100 miles per hour.
  • A single sneeze can send 100,000 germs into the air.
  • You don’t sneeze in your sleep. When you sleep, so do your sneezing nerves which means you usually don’t sneeze when you doze

The Idea of a stranger sneezing  on your little one will definitely inspire you to buy a car seat cover.


That one thing or person.

doggyOk there are two schools of thought on why to buy a car seat cover.

The first Group wants to protect their child from seeing sights that they don’t want baby’s to see.

My short list of things i do not want my baby looking at:

  • Ugly Mangy Dogs
  • Clowns
  • Cats (all of them)
  • Mimes
  • People who wear ill-fitted superhero costumes
  • Dirty Hippies.


And of course this Guy …


Protect your baby from ever having to see these things, get a baby car seat cover.


That one thing or person version 2

the second school of thought are those who want to protect their child from being seen.

Mystery-PersonThis is a different kinda list, but if you have been a parent before it becomes apparent that touchy, “awww how-cute”, “tickle-tickle” “gagga gagga” people come in all shapes and sizes. they touch baby without permission, waste your time in grocery stores. Especially if you have an adorable cute baby.

publicdomainThe other type is just the weirdo’s that I don’t want looking at my kid. like this dude…I dont know him I just dont want him looking at my kid.


I’m sure there are other reason your baby needs to be covered up and protected and I think most will agree a car seat cover is a great way to get the Job done.